Equity Systematic Investment Plan (Equity SIP)

Simple and disciplined approach towards investment

Can be started with a small amount of money invested at regular intervals

Flexibility in terms of amount, time period and quantity


Equity SIP

Minimises Volatility Risk:

Equity SIP reduces the risk using the concept of rupee cost averaging.

Helps to Meet Long-Term Goals:

It is benificial for salaried individuals who want to achieve long-term goals without investing lump sum.

Systematic Investments:

Allow you to automate your investments by creating an order basket.

A basket can have one or more stocks and ETFs.

You can create a SIP towards goal as a basket. Which could be a basket of stocks and ETFs. While creating the basket that you link to your SIP, make sure to place a market order to ensure execution.


You need to link one or more baskets to create your SIP order schedule. If you link multiple baskets, all the order will be place in same SIP trigger. Watch the video and check how to create a basket.


You can add maximum 10 orders in a basket and maximum 3 baskets for a single SIP.